Great North Swim

Arla Announced as Title Partner of the Great North Swim The Great Run Company today announced that Arla will become Title Partner of the Great North Swim. What to expect at this year’s Great North Swim The Great North Swim is back on 10-12 June 2022 for another mighty open water swimming adventure. It’s the UK’s biggest open water swimming event, and although biased(!), we think it’s the best. Here’s why. Arg is back in the water at the John West Great Swim! TOWIE star James Argent set to take on two open water challenges this summer WATERAID IS OUR NEW CHARITY PARTNER FOR 2021 The Great Swim Series has announced WaterAid has become its official 2021 Charity Partner. COVID-19 and Great Swim events Important Event Update THOUSANDS OF SWIMMERS TAKE THE PLUNGE IN WINDERMERE JOHN WEST GREAT NORTH SWIM 2019 Unexpectedly Great: Gill Haddington Gill Haddington will be taking on her first open water swim since losing her leg to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in May 2017. Unexpectedly Great: Bill Moore 82-year-old Bill Moore swam as a young man but didn’t take up swimming again regularly until he was in his late 40s. Since taking the plunge again, he has set his sights on the open water. He is part of the 2019 Great Swim Unexpectedly Great campaign Unexpectedly Great: Nick Williams Paramedic Nick Williams was inspired to take on swimming fundraising challenges to increase his fitness and activity levels following his father’s cancer diagnosis. He is part of Great Swim's Unexpectedly Great campaign. Unexpectedly Great: Nahla Mahamoud Nahla Mahmoud only learned to swim as an adult three years ago. Her inspirational journey has allowed her to progress from beginner swimmer to the gruelling 10k marathon distance. She is part of the 2019 Great Swim Unexpectedly Great campaign.