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Five Steps From Pool To Open Water Here's our top five tips to transition from the pool to open water How Is Open Water Swimming Different From The Pool? To give you a base understanding of how open water swimming differs to your local pool, we’ve pulled the below guide together for you Open Water Swimming Essentials Fitness and travel blogger Alice Tate shares her open water training essentials Prepare for the cooler temperature Open water swimming is very different to the pool, mainly due to the temperature of the water. With the water temperature set to be cooler than last year we want to make sure you enjoy your day as much as possible, so read the following points and be full Final Preparations & Packing for the Great Swim Series The Great Swim Series 2015 is nearly upon us; the vast majority of the training is behind us and now is the time to start thinking about packing.  INSPIRATIONAL LESSON ABOUT INJURIES - YOU'RE NOT ALONE! Injuries are the bane of athletes' lives - regardless of the level that you compete at. I thought that I would share a couple of the injuries I've picked up along the way and explain why, for me... Inspired by the Great North Swim Highlights on Channel4 I entered my first Great Swim as a knee jerk reaction to watching the Great North Swim highlights on TV and thought it looked brilliant fun! Swim Safe Code Calling all open water swimmers: it is important you see the boats around you but it is even more important they see you! JUST STARTING OUT So you've decided to get fit by swimming. Here are a few tips to help you on your swim journey WHY SWIM? Swimming is the complete fitness solution.

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