Training Plans

If the thought of swimming a mile in open water - that’s 1609 metres, or 64 lengths of a standard 25 metre swimming pool - feels a bit daunting, you need a training plan.

To be able to begin training, we advise that you need to be able to swim 400 metres - or 16 lengths of a 25 metre pool - so work on that to begin with. Once you’ve hit that milestone, you’re ready for the next step (or stroke).

Our plans divide the recommended 12-week training period into three 4-week blocks. Each week includes three swim sessions - two where you’ll focus on speed and endurance, and a steadier third swim where you can concentrate on technique. After four weeks, you’ll move up to the next block, where the challenge will increase along with the distance.

Stick to it, and by week 12 you’ll be confident and competent enough to manage a mile. See you on the shore!

  Download the training plan


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