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Looking for a health boost? Try open water swimming If you’ve committed to getting fitter and healthier, open water swimming might not be top of your list to try. But why not? Swim Your Way to Health Dr Hussain Al-Zubaidi Channel 4 TV Doctor (Steph's Packed Lunch) and Swim England clinical advisor lists some of the health benefits of open water swimming, and the science behind it. How to Keep a Positive and Motivated Mindset It is so important to focus on our mental health. Here are some tips to stay positive, keep motivated, and help you to look after your mind and mental health. How to do the Great Swim when you're not swim fit If you’re considering taking on the Great North Swim and are concerned about a lack of training… Don’t be! Swimspiration While In Isolation: Podcast Favourites If you want to step away from the screen and don’t have the concentration span for reading at the moment, turn to podcasts. What's It like To Be An Elite Swimmer In Lockdown? Outdoor Swimmer spoke to Team GB’s Alice Dearing about how she is staying in shape, sane and motivated while at home. Exercises to Keep Your Body Fit For Swimming SwimforTri's Dan Bullock shares his top five dry land exercises that Great Swim swimmers of all abilities will benefit from. Swimspiration While in Isolation: Reading List There's never been a better time to catch up on your reading and there's no shortage of great books to inspire a swimmer.