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In September 2013 I weighed 180 kilos I bit the bullet and took on a personal trainer in the form of Scott Hills and changed my whole lifestyle. Sounds simple if you say it fast enough but of course it was hard work. Inspired by the Great North Swim Highlights on Channel4 I entered my first Great Swim as a knee jerk reaction to watching the Great North Swim highlights on TV and thought it looked brilliant fun! A GREAT YEAR: IN MANCHESTER Great Manchester Swim Experience A GREAT YEAR: IN SCOTLAND After having done three swims I was finally starting to feel more comfortable with them and actually looked forward to this one up in Loch Lomond. A GREAT YEAR: IN SCOTLAND Great Scottish Swim Experience A GREAT YEAR: IN IPSWICH Great East Swim Experience A GREAT YEAR: IN WINDERMERE Great North Swim Experience 50 CHALLENGES BEFORE 50 It might make for a good movie title, but 50 challenges before 50 is a very real adventure for Jackie Wade, who is taking part in this year’s Great North Swim MAKING A SPLASH ON HER BIRTHDAY Whether you’re 60 or 16, every now and then we all need a push in the right direction. This summer Sheila Collins will have her sister to thank when she stands in the centre of Manchester in a wetsuit before diving into Salford Quay. SWIMMING AFTER HIGH TIBIAL OSTEOTOMIES When the alarm rings and you struggle to move out from beneath the duvet, do you think of the snooze button or the laps you’re about to do in the pool?