Swim Safe Code


Calling all open water swimmers! It is important that you see the boats around you, but it is even more important that they see you.

The Lake District National Park is working with major event organisers, like Great Swim, open water swim providers, commercial boat operators and Windermere Lake User Forum to offer simple but effective advice to protect open water swimmers from collisions with speed boats, jet skis, ferries, sailing boats...

This is the summary of the Swim Safe Code:

S - Be seen, have support: Hat, Float, Flag, Boat!

W - Be water wise: Temperature, Depth, Quality

I - Be informed: Know the dangers, reduce the risk

M - Be mindful: Where? When?


B - Be aware: Swimmers are not obvious in the water

O - Observe: Swimmers may be in any area of the lake

A - Avoid: Take early action, keep well clear

T - Turn off engine: Kill the engine, protect the swimmer!


Remember, in case of emergency, call 999. For more information: Lake District National Park



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