Keeping You Safe At Great Swim Events


Our number one priority is ensuring you have a safe and happy swim with us. We work closely with local police in all of our locations and are constantly reviewing our safety procedures in consultation with specialist counter terrorism officers. You can always expect a visible police presence our events, officers are in attendance for your safety and security. 

There are a few things we’d ask you to be aware of when you’re at a Great Swim event: 

  • Arrive in plenty of time for your swimming event
  • Don’t leave your bag unattended anywhere on site
  • If possible, leave your belongings with friends and family 
  • If you use our baggage service, please only bring the minimum you require for the day 
  • Listen carefully to staff and stewards and follow any instructions they give you  
  • Please report anything suspicious to stewards 
  • If you see anything that could cause an immediate threat dial 999 
  • In case of an incident, leave the area quickly and sensibly as directed
  • Once you are safe, follow the local police force on Twitter for updates 


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