So you've decided to get fit by swimming. If you haven't been swimming for some time it can be a daunting prospect. It's important you plan to avoid battling it out with inflatables and kids ignoring the 'do not bomb' signs. You’ll be pleased to know that most public swimming pools cater for 'lane swimming', from 07.00, lunch time and many have late night sessions for adults only.
Drop into your local pool and pick up a timetable. If you who haven’t been in the pool since your school swimming lessons, here are a few tips:
  • Use the lane ropes and pick one you think best matches your speed
  • If someone is faster than you, pause at the end of a length to let them pass
  • Goggles will help build your confidence quicker and stop any 'red eye'
  • You can take plastic water bottles poolside
  • You do sweat when you swim, so keep hydrated
The better your technique, the faster you can swim. Eventually, your improved technique will lead to a better work-out, so persevere on improving your style. When you first start off set yourself a distance and plod up and down the pool. Make sure you move on from this though, because you could quickly find yourself becoming bored.
  • Swim regularly with a friend but don't chat too much
  • Keep a count of your lengths and have some fun in trying to better your best distance
  • See if your pool has coaching sessions, small improvements make big gains in the pool
  • Find a swimming club that welcomes new swimmers and has regular coaching sessions
  • Choose 'Master Clubs' if you swam competitively as a youngster and want to 'get serious' again, whilst having some fun.
If you are one of those starting your swimming journey, let us know how that is going on our social media channels. Good luck and just keep swimming!


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