Training Blog: To Great Lengths (Lesson 2)


They say pride comes before a fall. Well it certainly does in my case and the high of my first session descended very quickly into something of a low in my second session.

At the end of my first lesson with Rob I felt like I could actually make it as a swimmer. He’s a fantastic teacher and knows his stuff, so when he suggested that I fit in three practice swim sessions before my next lesson – I really should have fitted in three sessions. Or at least one. But I didn’t - life took over, work was busy, my boyfriend was ill. I did no swimming.

So it’s little wonder that lesson two wasn’t exactly the highlight of my training to date. The problem is I’m extremely competitive, but not with others, just with myself. I want to be the best I can and I want to be the best I can now. I’m pretty okay at sporty stuff so it hadn’t occurred to me that I might actually find this that difficult. I run right? I’m pretty fit? How hard can it be?

How wrong I was!

During my second lesson I uttered the words I never thought I’d say about anything…..

‘I can’t do it’.

Pathetic, I know. Mentally I’d given up – at that point swimming a mile in open water had never seemed more unlikely and once your confidence has left the building, you’re pretty much doomed. Anyway, I went and sat in the steam room after my lesson (eucalyptus scent, very nice) and had a chat with myself, berated myself for failing to do ANY practice and resolved to buck my ideas up and stop being so hard on myself. After all, I wasn’t hitting the M6 after two driving lessons and zero practice, why would swimming be any different? Time to hit the baths me thinks……….


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