Training Blog: To Great Lengths (Lesson 1)

Well that was an eye opener! Rob uses video analysis to help with his feedback at the end of each lesson and in the space of just a few minutes I learned why I sink with such apparent ease. More on that later.
The lesson started off with me swimming as far as I could in front crawl to give Rob an idea of my starting point. I just about managed a length but was so exhausted at the end of it that I could barely talk. The stark reality of swimming a mile when I can’t even manage 25 metres hit. Anyway, undeterred, Rob sent me back to the other end of the pool and videoed my technique (or more importantly lack thereof) for another painful 25 metres.
Here’s the video, along with Rob’s commentary.
It’s funny watching yourself swim and it’s pretty apparent why I’ve been sinking. I can suddenly see why I get neck-ache and why I head to the bottom feet first. Simply changing my head position (eyes down) flattened me out and I immediately felt safer and lighter.
Another issue is my poor rotation. Rotating probably seems like common sense to a seasoned front crawler, but it’s a pretty alien concept for me, so to assist with getting to grips with this new skill Rob instructed me to complete several lengths of the pool engaging in an activity that can only be described butt slapping myself. The idea of the drill was to kick along, rotating my shoulders and alternately tapping each hip with the opposing arm, reaching right around my back and forcing an over exaggerated rotation. I felt like a bit of a plonker to be honest, but my audience in the Jacuzzi had obviously seen it a million times before and it worked! For the first time ever I realised that I might be able to come far enough out of the water to actually breathe, which will improve things no end.
I ended my lesson on a high, with a handful of drills to practise before my next lesson and the promise of a nice sauna to ease my aching shoulders.


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