Fuelling Your Great Swim #1


Not sure how to fuel for your Great Swim? Our partner CLIF Bar are here to help.

Breakfast for training
A small breakfast 20mins before hard swim sets  over an hour  – or  first thing in the morning, is a good way to fuel training. A CLIF Bar is perfect for this. After your swim, refuel with a breakfast staple like oatmeal that provides carbs, protein and fibre to help you recover and adapt from the training. Make it even better by adding good fats like nut butter to keep you fuller longer.

Sweat rates aren’t that high while swimming, so you don’t need to drink as much as while running. However, try to maintain good levels of general hydration by drinking regularly through the day, and be aware of how hydrated you are before a swim session so you can drink accordingly during your swim. This should be good enough most of the time. Remember, you’ll sweat more in a wetsuit, so adjust for this.

Evening hunger
Increasing activity may leave you hungry in the middle of the night. A small bedtime snack with protein and carbs, like a spoonful of nut butter, can help top off energy stores in muscles.


Joel Enoch is CLIF Bar’s nutritional ambassador in the UK. A recognised authority on sports nutrition, he is a 9x GB ag-group triathlete and coaches one of the leading Triathlon Squads in the UK – the CLIF Bar Sponsored ‘Hartree JETS’.


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