What To Eat In Training


Not sure what to eat to ensure you're getting the most out of your swimming training? CLIF Bar give us the lowdown on their fuelling favourites.

Don’t forget fruits and veggies

Eating more fruit and especially veggies is rarely a bad thing! Challenge yourself to try a new fruit or veg every week through your training, or aim to make your fruit and veg intake as colourful as possible; different colours mean different health benefits so mixing colours is a great way to be healthier.


Skipping meals

Skipping meals can leave you without the energy needed to fuel an increased amount of training and will also inhibit recovery from training. It’s like driving a car with an empty tank. Eating a variety of foods that provide a blend of carbs, protein, fat and fibre throughout the day to keep the engine running.


Fueling Events and Races

Swimming event days provide a significant energy demand, so fuel all events. Eat foods that are easy to digest, low in fibre and with plenty of carbs a couple of hours before. A banana or oatcakes with nut butter and jam alongside a CLIF Bar are good breakfast choices that provide a balanced start to the day!


Joel Enoch is CLIF Bar’s nutritional ambassador in the UK. A recognised authority on sports nutrition, he is a 9x GB ag-group triathlete and coaches one of the leading Triathlon Squads in the UK – the CLIF Bar Sponsored ‘Hartree JETS’.



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