Ben and Rhian Martin, World Number 1, SwimRun rankings and Clif Bar ambassadors, give their advice on the kit for your Great SwimRun.


Ideally, you should have a short wetsuit with a front zip, which you can take down if you get hot. For the cold swims or cold runs, wear an undergarment as well.


Wear lightweight running shoes or trail shoes that you’ll have on at all times.


Other kit you might need is a pull buoy. Because you are swimming in your trainers, pull buoys help your body position in the water. You swim with it on the inside of your legs and run with it on the outside of your legs.


You can also use a top rope for safety and speed, especially on the swimming but you can run with it as well.


In terms of other things to wear there are quick-drying compression socks and neoprene calf guards for extra buoyancy and extra warm. You also need goggles so you can see where you are going in the water.

You’ll also be given a couple of pieces of kit for your SwimRun. You’ll get a vest for safety and that people can identify you easier during the event. You’ll also get a swimming cap so people can see where you are in the water and it will keep your head warm too.